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Mead Open Farm Gift Voucher

The gift voucher can be spent on general admission, in the shop, and in our NEW GrainStore kitchen at Mead Open Farm. The gift voucher will last for 12 months from the date of purchase.


Terms & Conditions apply:

1. Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and cannot be used after that date.

2. Gift vouchers cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed.

3. Gift vouchers cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash or other denominated vouchers.

4. If an intended purchase is for a higher amount than the face value of the gift voucher(s), the difference can be made up with a credit/debit card and/or cash payment. If it is less, the remaining value will be stored on the gift voucher until the expiratory date.

5. Gift vouchers cannot be used towards parties and/or in conjunction with any special promotions, discount tokens, coupons or cards.

6. Gift vouchers cannot be used towards a direct debit membership plan.

7. Gift vouchers cannot be sold to any third parties without our consent. If we do give our consent then such consent may be subject to any conditions which we impose. In any event, you may not sell the gift vouchers through the internet without our express written consent, which you must obtain before making any such sale. We reserve the right at all times to refuse to permit any sale of gift vouchers by you to a third party.

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